Coupa Onboarding for Suppliers

The following information is strictly for suppliers for Glencore Canada's Zinc Division.


Coupa is a procurement system that facilitates & streamlines our interactions with our suppliers. It enables electronic Purchasing, Invoicing, Sourcing, Contracting and management of Supplier Information allowing both of us to have full access to updated data in a centralized system. These enhancements improve and simplify the way we do business.

What are Coupa's advantages?  

  • Free access to the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), where you will be able to view and update all relevant information in your profile.
  • Electronic receipt and response to tenders or RFQ’s.
  • Electronic receipt and response to purchase orders through the CSP (or via email or cXML integration if the latter is your preferred method).
  • Creation and submission of electronic invoices through the CSP (cXML integration).
  • Electronic contract authoring, initialing, and signing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting ready for the change

Glencore Canada Zinc Corporation will go live with the procurement solution in June 2024.

  • You will be required to register on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) through a link that will be send to you.
  • Familiarize yourself with the training/support content that will be made available to you.
  • Send us all your questions or enquiries through to

Joining and transacting on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is free.

Glencore Canada Zinc Corporation does NOT require its suppliers to get ‘Coupa Verified’ and pay a subscription fee of any amount once on the CSP.

Suppliers who have registered on the Coupa Supplier Portal will have:

  • The ability to create and submit electronic compliant invoices linked to a PO.
  • The ability to receive, view and manage all Purchase Orders (PO) in a central place.
  • The ability to view invoice processing status (e.g., Pending Approval, Approved).
  • The ability to customise your CSP account (e.g., assign permissions to users in your company and contact information).
  • The ability to transact with multiple Coupa linked customers on one portal.
  • The ability to update, manage and maintain supplier information.

Yes, it is mandatory for all our suppliers to register and transact on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP).

No, you will receive an email informing you that Glencore Zinc Canada has added you as a supplier on the CSP and all you need to do is click on the ‘log in to Coupa’ link to complete your connection.

Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) basics

Once you have registered and are signed into the CSP, scroll down to the middle of the home page, under the heading ‘Recent activity’ you should be able to see all your customers you are linked to on the CSP, including Glencore Zinc.

Should you not see Glencore Zinc, please reach out to us through this email:

Yes, you can forward a copy of your invitation by clicking on the ‘Forward your Invitation’ button, then typing the email address* of your colleague in the field provided and then clicking on the ‘Submit’ button.

*Please note: the person must have the same email domain as you.

Once we go live with the new solution, you will be required to manage all your information on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP). To update your information, including banking information, go to > Profile > Information requests > Select customer > proceed to update the form provided by Glencore Zinc to update your information.

Yes, you can. Once you have logged into the CSP, click on the ‘Set up’ tab. Beneath the ‘Admin’ menu, click on the ‘Merge Requests’ hyperlink and proceed to initiate a merge request with your second CSP account.

Please note: Merging will join the accounts and give all combined users the ability to invoice and submit payment information to linked customers on behalf of your company. Before sending a merge request, confirm that the email address you are merging with belongs to a user who is part of your organization. Once approved, an account merge cannot be undone.

Once you have logged into the CSP, on the home page click on the ‘Setup’ tab. Click on the ‘Users’ option and navigate to the right and click on the ‘Invite User’ button. Provide the required information in the window that opens to complete the invitation process.

Glencore Canada Corporation – Zinc Division is still responsible for settling your account. You can track the status of your submitted invoice in the CSP in the ‘Invoices’ tab.

No, the information in the CSP is not archived, but it will always be accessible it if you have a CSP account.

  • Go to Setup > Admin > Legal Entity Setup and select ‘Add Legal Entity’ in the top right corner.
  • Enter the official name of your business that is registered with the local government and select the country/region where it is located and select ‘Continue’.
  • On the Tell your customers about your organization page, complete the fields provided.
  • Select ‘Save and Continue’.
  • On the Where do you want to receive payment? page, select how you would like to be paid in the Payment Type selector.
  • Select 'Save & Continue.'
  • You can select Add Remit-To to add an additional remit-to address or you can select Manage next to an existing remit-to to edit it. Once you are finished making changes, select Next.
  • On the Where do you ship goods from? page, add your ship-from address, remit-to integration code, contact information, and the Coupa customers who can use this remit-to account.
  • Once you are finished making changes, select ‘Done’.
  • The Setup Complete page confirms that your legal entity setup is complete and that you can use it on invoices.

Please note: If you do not setup your legal entity you will not be able create or submit your invoices.

RFQs/Sourcing events

RFQs/Sourcing Events will NOT be published on the CSP. Should you be invited to participate in a RFQ or Spot bid, you will be sent an email with all the details of the RFQ or Spot bid.

Yes, you have the option click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page and return at a later stage.

Coupa objects can accept up to 100 MB per attachment. For performance reasons, you may want to consider limiting the attachment size to 16 MB.

You can send the buyer (event owner) a message in the message box on the bottom left of your screen and they can respond and even attach a file.

Image attachments on invoices must be one of these types: TIFF or PDF.

These types of files cannot be attached to Coupa documents: EXE, BAT, COM, SH, DEB, SO, ELF, BIN, RPM, TAR, KO, PY, PHP, MSI, AXF, PRF, or PUFF.

Yes, you can, provided there is still time left or the event is still running. Click on the ‘Edit response’ button on top of the page and proceed to make the desired changes.

You will only get email notifications if you have been invited by the buyer to participate in that RFQ/sourcing event.

You will receive an email. The body of the email states that this contract has been shared with you using Coupa Contract Collaboration.

Yes, there will be an option available when you are quoting for the product.

Purchase orders (POs)

Once logged into the portal, click on the ‘Orders’ tab. If you are connected to more than one Coupa customer, select their name from the ‘Select Customer’ dropdown menu on the top right corner of the page. You can then proceed to select the specific customer’s PO you’d like to see.

No, you can only create invoices that are PO or Contract backed on the CSP.

No, there is no expiry period, however, the buyer/requester can cancel the PO.

You have the option to communicate directly with the buyer as their details will be on the PO. You can also leave a message on the ‘Comment’ section at the bottom of the PO.

This serves as confirmation that you have received the PO and are working on the delivery of the service or item(s).

Unfortunately, one email ID can be added. In the event you are out of office, you can notify the buyer who can edit it to an alternative email address.


Buyer Hold

The PO is approved but pending buyer review handled by Procurement department)



The PO is cancelled and does not need to be fulfilled.



The issued PO was received and then closed, either manually or automatically within Coupa


Currency Hold

The PO is on hold due to a currency exchange rate issue. Currency Hold happens when the currency of the Chart of Account (i.e., company code or BU) and the currency of the item does not have an exchange rate to link the 2 currencies. Only Admins can release the currency hold and they should map the exchange rates of the 2 currencies before releasing.



There is something wrong with the PO. Contact buyer to get the PO back on track.



The PO was approved and sent to you.


Soft Closed

The PO is closed but can be reopened. You cannot invoice against a PO in this status. You cannot invoice against a soft closed PO.



The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), where you sign in to manually flip a PO to create an invoice.

Yes, Coupa requires that you enter your own unique invoice number when creating an invoice.  

On the CSP ‘PO’ tab, click on the dropdown and choose the desired customer ‘Glencore Zinc Canada’. In the PO table that appears, under the ‘Actions’ heading of the line item associated to your PO, click on the yellow coins icon to create a new invoice.

No, after setting up your legal entity once it will appear on each new invoice you create.



The invoice has been created, but it has not been submitted to your customer yet.


Pending approval

The invoice is currently under review by the AP department.



The invoice is being processed by the AP department and should be paid soon.



The invoice has been accepted for payment by our AP department.



Invoices with a disputed status are invoices with information that our AP department does not agree to, needs clarification on, or finds incorrect.



The disputed invoice has been abandoned.



Something is wrong with the invoice. An invoice can be voided if it was issued in duplicate or has already been paid for through an earlier invoice.


Yes, suppliers with existing and active contracts will be able to create an invoice from a contract on the CSP if they have been enabled to do so.

Yes, you can attach supporting documents to your invoices on the CSP using either the ‘Image scan’ field or the ‘Attachments’ section.


Once an invoice has been submitted, it cannot be changed in any way. However, you can create a credit note that credits for the original value, and then create a new invoice.


You can add shipping charges at the bottom of the invoice, or at the line-item level.


When creating an invoice there is a ‘Taxes’ section which allows you to select and add your Tax Deception, Tax Rate, Tax Amount, and Tax Reference Number.


Click on the Create Credit Note button above the Invoices table on the Invoices page or, on the Orders tab, click on the Create Credit Note - red coin icon for the PO in the Actions column of the Purchase Orders table.

Follow the prompts to successfully submit your credit note.


This enables you to export the PO and invoice rows to an Excel document.

Yes, when creating your invoice, you can specify the quantity which you want to invoice (Partial invoicing).


Getting paid

Nothing. The invoice is in the accounts payable (AP) queue, and you will be paid based on the payment terms that were agreed upon with at contracting.

For invoices that are rejected or disputed, suppliers will have to view the dispute reason provided by AP and then proceed to correct the invoice by creating a credit note to correct the disputed invoice.

For questions regarding payment information, send an email enquiry to


Should you have any enquiries, please make use of our support mailbox by sending an email to:     

Are you a Glencore Zinc supplier and not yet registered on the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP)?

Contact us at