Since 2008, this program has facilitated Raglan Mine’s efforts in attracting and building the capacity of a growing workforce determinedly oriented towards the future.

Tamatumani ("second start" in Inuktitut) outlines several initiatives intended for all employees and contractors, in order to attract and retain the largest possible number of Inuit employees.

This program takes its roots in the Raglan Agreement, which includes several chapters, one of which is intended to offer permanent employment opportunities within the operation to the Inuit, foster development of their individual skills.

Tamatumani is ...



Stope School

A training program intended for Inuit individuals with no mining experience who wish to become underground miners.

Stope School
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Stope School

Inuit Employment Center (IEC)

Hand in hand with Nunavik partners, the IEC conducts the overall process of recruiting Inuit personnel. 

Essential Skills Program

Service providing support to Inuit employees in their professional skills development efforts, in accordance with their specific needs: reading, writing, maths, computer tools, etc.

Essential Skills Program

Essential Skills Program
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Essential Skills Program

Raglan Education Fund

Raglan Mine offers more than $50,000 in grants annually to Nunavik students pursuing postsecondary education.

RIDE Program (Rapid Inuit Development and Employment).

This program aims to accelerate the progression of qualified and motivated Inuit employees to higher responsibility positions.


Service adapted to a vast array of trades, consisting in helping Inuit employees in their apprenticeship by matching them with experienced employees.

All the knowledge and skills that Inuit employees develop by working at Raglan Mine will be a legacy for them, their family and their community.

I joined a 2-year training program to become a computer technician, although I knew very little about computers.

My advice to you: Never stop asking questions, for no one is expected to know everything!

Mark - Computer Technician

Having myself completed the Stope School program, I have a unique perspective on its operational aspects. I am proud to see young Inuit take up the challenge of joining the company. I find that Raglan Mine offers fine career opportunities, which can contribute to building a better lifestyle for them and giving back to the communities.

Samwillie - Superintendant – Tamatumani

At Raglan Mine, we share our Inuit culture through intercultural training, traditional activities and Inuit meals. Like the Inuit culture, Tamatumani is based on the values of teaching and sharing.

Siasi - Supervisor — Inuit Recruitment and Relations

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