Health and safety

Health and safety, a core value

Health and safety are an absolute priority at Horne Smelter. In an industry like ours, there are risks everywhere and we need to work as a team to eliminate them.

That’s why we take action to make sure our employees, contractors and anyone working at our site is able to return home safe and sound at the end of every work day.

We do this by adhering to the Glencore SafeWork culture to achieve our goal of zero injuries.

What is the SafeWork program?

Safework is Glencore's approach to eliminating fatalities. SafeWork is built on a set of minimum expectations and mandatory Fatal Hazard Protocols, LifeSaving Behaviours and safety tools.

Applying the program allows us to operate with the confidence that our people are aware, trained, and competent in identifying and managing fatal hazards in our workplace. The SafeWork approach also aims to strengthen everyone’s leadership in the area of health and safety.

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