Health and safety

Our ambition is to become a health and safety leader in our industry and to create a workplace without fatalities, injuries or occupational diseases – essential for the lasting well-being of our people. In addition, achieving the highest performance standards for safety and security leads to a more stable and efficient business.

To achieve our goal of “Zero Harm”, we have adopted SafeNickel to establish a prevention culture and so that every individual accepts responsibility for preventive actions for our colleagues, our families and ourselves. SafeNickel is based on effective management of fatal hazards and on respect for the life-saving rules.

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SafeNickel for Chantal
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Promote healthy lifestyles

Annual race

For the past few years, Mine Raglan has been organizing an annual race at the mine site. For the occasion, we close certain sections of our production routes to allow our employees to run 5 or 10 kilometres alongside their colleagues.

In 2020, we involved our workers in selecting the organization, making them vote for the cause that reached them the most. For example, $5 per kilometre of walking or running was awarded to the Nunavik Minor Hockey Program, for a total of $10,000.