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Nickel is a part of our everyday lives, and a metal that we will increasingly need for a sustainable future. It is all around us, from the utensils we use in our kitchens to the bridges that connect our cities and the batteries of electric vehicles that will help to enable a low-carbon future. Yet many people do not even notice its presence because it is a ‘hidden’ metal. Let us explore the extraordinary journey of nickel.

Nickel (Ni) is a naturally occurring element that makes up a large part of the Earth’s core. Tectonic movements allow magma to rise to the surface, depositing nickel in igneous rock formations within its crust. It is also commonly found in meteorites, with ancient impact craters often providing nickel deposits on Earth.

At our Integrated Nickel Operations (INO) across Canada and Norway, the journey of nickel sees the metal travel from deep within the permafrost of northern Quebec, through Sudbury, Ontario and on to Kristiansand in Norway, and from there to customers all over the world.

To shed light on the importance of nickel for a decarbonized future, we have produced a short documentary that explores the extraordinary journey of nickel across the INO.

The Journey of Nickel