Meet our people

Martine’s story

A place for both women and men

From my first contacts with CCR Refinery 17 years ago now, I saw what a great opportunity it would be to have a stable job in a non-traditional workplace where I could put my fire prevention and response knowledge into practice. I knew that my experience would be an asset to the team. It felt like a perfect fit from the start and I still think I made the right choice today!

I adjusted well. I quickly felt included in my work team, and I always felt that there was a feeling of mutual respect and that the company placed great importance on that fact. I had no problem making my place in a world of men.

Obviously, CCR has changed a lot since I arrived. I’m impressed by how modern and clean the plant is now. The increased number of women has also contributed to improved labour relations and a new vision. Today more than ever, the plant is a working environment designed for women as well as men.

Martine - fire prevention and intervention professional

Open to new ideas

Like the plant, I have changed over the years. I’ve had the opportunity to work on a wide range of exciting projects. Each has given me a feeling of pride of accomplishment while at the same time expanding my knowledge.

Since I am someone who likes challenges and to add value, on several occasions I’ve suggested new ideas to try to improve things in my own way. My ideas were listened to and taken into consideration, and I always got the go-ahead from my superiors.

So with this constant openness to change, my job was never boring. After all these years, I still feel motivated and happy to be here. I feel that I am recognized and trusted. I have a strong feeling of belonging and I like to take care of my workplace.

Common values

I am also proud to work for a company that is involved at the community level. CCR provides financial aid to organizations that support people in need. This is directly in line with my personal values, as is their unstinting emphasis on workplace  health and safety. Nothing is taken lightly. Not to mention the various assistance programs we have access to. I feel privileged to be working in a company like CCR!

Pascal's story

A stimulating new beginning

When I arrived at the CCR Refinery in 2010, I got an extraordinary welcome. I felt that they needed me and that they were happy to welcome me as one of them. I took various training courses and was then assigned to several different workstations, including section and shipping clerk and brakeman. My goal was to become a foreman, even though I was hired as a day worker.

There was so much to learn because everything was new for me—the processes, the equipment, the idea of copper anodes and cathodes. It was like the great unknown but I jumped right in! I quickly realized that I was in good company. I was being offered a new chance.

Achieving an objective

After I was used to my new work environment, some of my coworkers told me that I would make a good foreman. Of course, I was flattered that they thought of me. I then indicated my interest in that position. Then, when I had the chance, I applied for the job and, to my great joy, I was selected!

I love my new job. If feel in my place and appreciate being able to assert my leadership. That has always been part of me. I’m a motivator. I try to involve the employees under my supervision when the time comes to work on new projects. I listen to their ideas and promote teamwork. This is how we find the best ways of doing things and improve production, bit by bit.

Pascal - Foreman

My previous work times as a unionized employee helped me become what I am today, and to maintain good relations with the employees I supervise. The fact that I can see both sides of the coin helps me better understand their points of view and make the best decisions.

A pleasant workplace

As a matter of fact, this foreman job is the greatest challenge I’ve ever faced up to now, but I love it! I’m happy to come to work. I know that I’m going to enjoy my day and I also feel appreciated, which makes all the difference.

I like the friendly family atmosphere at CCR. I feel I’m part of the family! I don’t feel like just a number. Not to mention that the managers know us and take the time to say “hi.” CCR appreciates its employees and takes care of them. We can feel it!