Our certifications


In March 2016, the environmental management system at Horne Smelter was certified as compliant with ISO 14001:2015, an international standard that attests to our sound environmental management.

This certification applies to the production of copper anodes and sulfuric acid. It also applies to our external sites (active and inactive), as well as our environmental laboratory.

In February 2019, a recertification audit was conducted at our site to ensure that we continue to apply the standard on an ongoing basis. We are proud to maintain our ISO 14001 certification.

Eurometals standard

The Eurometals standard for processing end-of-life or waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is a European standard to which we must comply in order to process end-of-life WEEE from Europe.

This standard must be applied at every point of materials processing, including refining. 

We obtained our first confirmation of compliance with the standard in October 2016 and have maintained it since then by conducting a compliance audit every three years.

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