Matagami Mine

  • 59

    years of history

  • 12

    mines operated

  • 2,500

    tonnes of ore extracted per day on average

  • 2

    ores: zinc and copper

The Matagami Mine is located about 10 kilometres west of the town of Matagami, Quebec, and roughly 800 kilometres north of Montreal, on the 49th parallel. The Matagami mining camp has been in operation since 1963. It has been home to 12 mines over the years, most of which have focused on zinc production. The last one, Bracemac-McLeod, ceased operations in June 2022.  

In decommissioning and remediating the Bracemac-McLeod site, Glencore Canada is committed to complying with the strictest industry standards and all applicable provincial and federal regulations. In the coming decade, tens of millions of dollars will therefore be allocated to the following closure-related activities: 

  • Environmental studies 
    • Soil characterization study
    • Water quality study 
    • Analysis of the receiving environment (wildlife and plant life)
  • Engineering studies 
    • Finalization of the closure concept
    • Submission of the closure plan 
    • Consultations
  • Permits and authorizations
  • Plans and specifications / calls for tenders
  • Construction and demolition 
    • Maintenance of the water treatment plant, potential raising of dikes, electrical supply to the site, etc. 
  • Revegetation
  • Post-reclamation monitoring 

A local closure team is in place to oversee all operations.

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