Community consultations are key to our ability to understand the needs, concerns, and perspectives of the people around us. We seek to engage the community in developing common solutions that address the impacts, risks and opportunities of our business.

Because our goal is to foster our community’s social and economic growth, our approach is based on mutual respect, ongoing dialogue, and a desire to work together for positive and lasting benefits.

2021 highlights

  • 83

    projects, organizations, and events supported financially through our various donation and sponsorship programs

  • 850+

    volunteer hours in the community by our employees and managers

  • $8,000

    in scholarships to encourage student persistence

  • $485,730

    in donations and sponsorships

Community engagement

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Local economic contribution

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Operation Recycling Day

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Recycling depot

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Liaison Committee

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If you hear the siren of the sulfuric acid plant and are within the security perimeter, you must take the following actions (AGIR approach): · Take shelter. · Keep doors and windows closed. · Turn off ventilation and air conditioning. · Watch TV, listen to the radio.
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Visit the Horne Smelter

Discover the secrets of copper processing by visiting one of the most specialized smelters in the world.
Visit the Horne Smelter

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