Transitional and optimization projects

Transitional projects

In order to pursue the reduction of atmospheric emissions between now and the commissioning of Aeris, teams have been working on transitional projects.

  • 4

    new dust collectors installed

  • 6,000

    additional tons of copper concentrate is stockpiled indoors

  • 110,000 square feet

    of roadways have been paved

Commissioning of four new dust collectors
Dust collector in the converter area, commissioned in July 2023
Start-up of dust collectors in the reactor sector in September 2023
Concrete paving of roadways to facilitate dust control
What is a dust collector?

Equipment with high-performance filters to capture dust particles from plant operations and buildings.

Optimisation Projects

Several dust collectors are in operation at the plant. Opportunities for improvement were identified on several of them, and their performance was improved during work carried out in 2023.

Work has also been undertaken to increase the storage capacity for our concentrate and to implement measures designed to reduce dust carryover caused by on-site traffic. For example, the roadways at concentrate unloading points are to be paved by 2024.



Photo: Construction, in July 2023, of a new storage dome capable of holding up to 6,000 tons of copper concentrate.