We create mutual value for local communities above and beyond the direct socio-economic benefits of our activities.

We contribute to Nunavik’s development through job creation, contracts awarded to Inuit businesses, and profit-sharing.

The Raglan Agreement includes several chapters. One of them is intended to offer permanent employment opportunities within the operation to the Inuit, foster development of their individual skills, and promote the economic development of Nunavik. To attain that objective, Raglan Mine implemented the Tamatumani program in 2008.  

As per the Raglan Agreement, Raglan Mine awards, with a favourable bias, contracts to Inuit companies that appear on Makivik’s Nunavik Inuit Enterprise Directory.

From 1995 to 2022, we injected more than $ 245M into Inuit communities through profit-sharing and fixed fees and duties, thus promoting the economic development of Nunavik.

Proactive stakeholder engagement

We work together with our host communities to determine ways to optimize benefits from our mining operations or to address any areas of concern. We are committed to maintain a proactive, transparent stakeholder engagement process to communicate our business goals and understand the interests and concerns of our internal and external stakeholders.

The Raglan Committee

One of the most important communication channels for our stakeholders is the Raglan Committee. It ensures that we receive regular feedback and maintain ongoing dialogue with our partners in Nunavik. 

Our community in numbers - 2022

  • 16.6 %

    of our workforce is Inuit

  • $99m

    spent on contracts awarded to Inuit businesses

  • $50k

    awarded to Nunavik students pursuing post-secondary studies

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