General Smelting of Canada

Our history

Who we are
  • 1955

Established in 1955 as a joint venture between Noranda and Asarco, General Smelting quickly established itself as a leader in the production of lead alloys and lead products for a diversified field of applications including metal refining/electrowinning, chrome plating, wheel balancing weights, power and communication cable sheathing, automotive/commercial batteries, plumbing and welding.  

  • 1994

In 1994 General Smelting was acquired by Canadian mining leader Noranda who understood the critical nature of General Smelting’s product line supplying world class anodes to zinc, copper, cobalt and nickel refineries along with providing maintenance and construction (lead burning) services on wet mist electrostatic precipitators (acid plants).  

  • 2006

In 2006 Swiss mining Company Xstrata acquired all of Noranda and Falconbridge Operations in Canada including General Smelting.

  • 2013

In 2013 General Smelting became a wholly owned subsidiary of Glencore following Xstrata and Glencore’s merger. General Smelting has flourished under Glencore ownership benefiting from Glencore’s extensive integrated network of mining and refining operations worldwide.