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Our assets

Glencore Canada’s industrial assets, such as our mines, smelters and refineries, employ the majority of the more than 7,900 employees and contractors in the country.

These sites, where we mine and process metals, provide the commodities that play an essential role in modern life. Indeed, the copper, cobalt, zinc, lead and nickel we produce and market touches every part of life as we know it. 

As we produce critical commodities, these sites make meaningful societal contributions and serve as economic drivers for their immediate communities and beyond. While these assets often work in an integrated fashion, we invite you to visit their individual websites to learn more about them.

Our copper assets

Our nickel assets

Our zinc & lead assets

Closed sites

Once a mine, smelter or refinery closes its operation, we uphold our environmental and community commitments by undertaking the closure process in accordance with all regulatory and corporate requirements. Our North American legacy operations group brings deep expertise in planning, permitting and executing closure plans, which includes activities such as demolition, land reclamation and long-term monitoring.