Experienced professionals

We are a diverse organization with operations extending across Canada and around the world. Our unique culture is the foundation upon which numerous experienced professionals who work here have been credited for their hard work, dedication and accomplishments.

Our experienced professionals earn the respect and recognition from their peers in the industry and are seen as leaders in their respective fields ranging from geology, engineering, accountancy, IT, environmental science, trading and law.

Safety leadership

In our industry, safety must come first. And given mining’s rich history in Canada, we are proud to say our sites across the country operate at industry-leading levels when it comes to safety – and they have the recognition to prove it.

Most recently, in May 2023, Nickel Rim South Mine (NRS), part of our Sudbury INO, was awarded the 2022 John T. Ryan National Trophy for Metal Mines for the best safety performance in Canada from the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM).

Sudbury INO Named Safest Mine in Canada

The national award demonstrates the Nickel Rim South team’s dedication to a safety-first culture and is a remarkable milestone in safety performance.
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We've proudly taken home the award for the safest metal mine in the country for four years running, since Raglan Mine won the award in 2019. Our operations have also collected numerous safety distinctions at a regional level in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Safe to say, safety excellence runs deep in our business in Canada.

National Champions

Glencore mines have been named the safest metal mine in Canada for the last four years.


Nickel Rim South Mine, part of Sudbury INO


Raglan Mine


Raglan Mine and Matagami Mine


Raglan Mine

Regional Champions

Glencore mines have won regional trophies nine times in the last ten years.


Nickel Rim South Mine, part of Sudbury INO (Ontario)


Kidd Operations (Ontario)


Raglan Mine (Quebec)


Nickel Rim South Mine (Ontario)


Fraser Mine, part of Sudbury INO (Ontario)


Kidd Operations (Ontario)


Nickel Rim South Mine (Ontario)


Raglan Mine (Quebec)


Nickel Rim South Mine (Ontario)

Operational excellence

While safety remains a top priority, our experienced professionals aspire for excellence in all that they do. Sudbury INO demonstrated just that when they stepped up to the challenge posed to them in 2005 to reduce their sulphur dioxide and particulate footprint at their Sudbury Smelter.

Proudly, the $288-million dollar, multi-year initiative was successfully completed in the fall of 2021. The effort gained industry recognition in the field of engineering and would not have been possible without the depth of experience, talent and commitment to innovation found locally.

Process Gas Project

In 2021, we realized a major achievement in our continuing effort to reduce our sulphur dioxide and particulate footprint with the $288 million Process Gas Project (PGP) & Particulate Emissions Project (PEP) at our Sudbury  Integrated Nickel Operations.
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Sudbury INO is no stranger to operational excellence. Further to the work at the Sudbury Smelter, the team at NRS has attained a Caterpillar Certified Five-Star Contamination Control designation for its underground maintenance facility for nearly a decade.

In addition to contamination control, other priorities for the underground facility include safety, quality and reliability, revenue opportunity, materials savings, and labour productivity improvements. NRS showcases its results in each of these areas year after year.

“I am proud to be a member of our team. I routinely give tours to students, teachers, as well as visitors from other Glencore sites and peers within our industry. I see this same pride in others every day and it is obvious to the visitors who provide positive feedback on what they observe.”

Shawn Sauvé - Maintenance Supervisor at Nickel Rim South, part of Sudbury INO

Pushing the boundaries of innovation

Experience is prerequisite to drive innovation in our industry. The complexity of our mining and metallurgical operations demands a deep understanding of their nature, which only comes with time and first-hand experience.

From the earliest days of our Horne Smelter nearly 100 years ago, a spirit of innovation has always driven their employees to meet the company’s challenges. To this day, the Smelter’s teams build on this legacy of innovation, leadership and hard work to overcome the challenges they encounter.

While annual ambient arsenic emissions at the Horne Smelter have been reduced by approximately 90% over the past 20 years, in 2022, the team announced an investment of more than C$500 million to continue their journey to make the site one of the world’s lowest-arsenic emitting copper smelters in the world. We invite you to read the detailed Environmental Improvement Plan behind the investment.

Aerial view of the Horne Smelter in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec.

Further to the investment to lower arsenic emissions, both the Horne Smelter and the Canadian Copper Refinery (CCR), which operate as an integrated copper business in Canada, will adopt environmental traceability technology to potentially enable a further reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and improve recycled material content.

“Both the Horne Smelter and the CCR Refinery, where the technology will be developed and implemented, already feature a low carbon footprint thanks to their hydroelectric power supply and the various projects completed over the years to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. I am certain this project will enable us to identify opportunities to further reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, which is in alignment with Glencore’s ambition to be a net-zero emissions company by 2050."

Claude Bélanger - Chief Operating Officer of Glencore’s North American Copper Assets

We pride ourselves on fostering our strong internal culture. We believe our culture underscores why our experienced professionals earn the respect and recognition from their peers in the industry, are seen as leaders in their fields and participate in pushing new boundaries in our industry.