Kidd Operations


Our environmental management starts with our commitment to sustainable development and to our core business values: We aim to preserve the long-term health, function, and viability of the natural environments affected by our operations.

All significant potential risks and actual impacts of our activities and operations on the environment are identified, analyzed, and eliminated or otherwise treated and controlled. Our Environmental Management System is used to systematically manage these risks and promote continuous improvement.

Some significant environmental activities include air emissions, water consumption and treatment, waste management including mine rock and tailings, conservation of energy and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, progressive land rehabilitation, as well as spill prevention and preparedness.

We also maintain a biodiversity monitoring and enhancement program to ensure zero harm to species at risk that may be affected by our operations.

In 2014, we were recognized for our reclamation of the Jarosite Pond and Three Nations Creek at the former Metallurgical site with the Tom Peter's Award. Today, moose, bear and other wildlife come to the area of our former Jarosite Pond.