We focus on the health of our people across our Canadian business whether they work at industrial sites or in office environments. We support their long-term well-being because we understand that a fit, healthy workforce is one that will support our ambition to become a health and safety leader in our industry.

Demonstrating this mindset, our Sudbury Smelter, part of Sudbury INO, implemented a urinary nickel biological monitoring program back in 2012. The aim of the program is to use good science to counter misinformation about the health effects of nickel. The Sudbury Smelter began tracking nickel exposures of Smelter workers over time and the data provides a solid understanding of exposures within the Smelter.

When compared to the administrative control group (comprised of individuals who live in the same community and who have similar nickel exposure outside of work), Smelter workers had similar urinary nickel levels.

Commitment to Using Good Science

Sudbury Smelter began a urinary nickel biological monitoring program in 2012.
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Another initiative upholding a healthy work environment at the Sudbury Smelter came through their $288 million Process Gas & Particulate Emissions Project, which reduced its sulphur dioxide and particulate footprint. This project brought tangible benefits to their employees and contractors while driving meaningful improvements to the environment for the local community too.

Process Gas Project

In 2021, we realized a major achievement in our continuing effort to reduce our sulphur dioxide and particulate footprint with the $288 million Process Gas Project (PGP) & Particulate Emissions Project (PEP) at our Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations.
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Promoting healthy lifestyles beyond the workplace

We understand that a commitment to health goes beyond making improvements to our immediate work environment, but actively promoting a healthy lifestyle beyond the workplace.

We underlined this commitment by announcing a three-year partnership as the main sponsor of the Tour de l'Abitibi from 2023 to 2025. The Tour de l'Abitibi, North America's only international junior bike race, is an ideal event to demonstrate not only our commitment to health and wellness, but our commitment to the various communities where we operate too.

Glencore Canada Sponsors Tour de l'Abitibi

Glencore Canada is proud of this partnership, which is based on our core values of health and safety, as well as our commitment to diversity and inclusion.
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As we look forward, we are prepared and willing to continually adapt our initiatives in order to uphold our commitment to the health and wellbeing of our people be they employees, contractors or community members.

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