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We aim to operate safe workplaces that are injury-free, and to enhance the well-being of employees, contractors and communities. We maintain a safe workplace based on mutual respect, fairness and integrity, and are guided by our Health & Safety Policy and Occupational Hygiene Policy.

Health & Safety Policy

Health & Safety Policy

Occupational Hygiene Policy

Occupational Hygiene Policy

To put safety at the forefront, we must identify and manage health and safety hazards in our workplace. In order to help realize this goal, Glencore launched SafeWork to provide a common global foundation to build our culture of safety worldwide. At Sudbury INO,  SafeWork has been adapted as SafeNickel, which supports our individual safety programs and protocols.

We understand that the statistics that track our safety performance reflect the health and well-being of our people and that those impacted are not going home to their loved ones in the same condition as they left for work. That’s what drives us to carry on open safety conversations with colleagues in the pursuit of zero harm. We invite you to read Scott's words on what SafeNickel means to him.

Speaking SafeNickel with Scott

We’re proud of our employees for their safety accomplishments over the years, including receiving industry recognition. Most recently, in 2018, Nickel Rim South was honoured with the John T. Ryan Regional Safety Award, a prestigious award known throughout the Canadian mining industry, given to the mine that has the lowest reportable injury frequency for 200,000 hours worked in Canada.

And, as we look to the future, we will rely on our innovative nature to continue to strive for zero harm, such as the pursuit of autonomous vehicle technology.

Pioneering autonomous vehicle technology