Our operations include exploration, two underground mines (Fraser and Nickel Rim South), Strathcona Mill and the Sudbury Smelter, which are all located in the Sudbury basin. 

The Strathcona Mill receives ore from the two mines as well as third-party custom feed ores. The Sudbury Smelter processes the nickel-copper concentrate as well as custom feed materials to produce a nickel matte, which is sent to port facilities in Quebec City, and from there to Glencore’s Nikkelverk refinery in Norway.

The future of Sudbury INO is deep mining and its ability to design for it. Since receiving full approval for further development of the Onaping Depth project in late 2017, the team has been working on its development and finding ways to power its future.

When completed, the deep mine project will provide a significant new source of high-grade nickel ore beyond year 2035 – a metal critical to electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries, solar panels and wind turbines.

Mining and milling

Read more about our Fraser Mine and Nickel Rim South Mine, as well as our projects, which would extend our presence in the community.
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Smelting and recycling

The Sudbury Smelter smelts nickel concentrate and processes custom-feed materials while playing an increasing role supporting a circular supply chain by recycling products that might otherwise be sent to landfill.
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Port facilities

We receive, store and ship materials through our port facilities based at the Port of Québec.
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The Journey of Nickel

Nickel is a part of our everyday lives, and a metal that we will increasingly need for a sustainable future. Yet many people do not even notice its presence because it is a ‘hidden’ metal. Let us explore the extraordinary journey of nickel.
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