Liaison Committee

We hosted the members of the Horne Smelter Liaison Committee at our site so they could learn more about our operations. They even got to see our VELOX pilot project thanks to a guided tour of our installations with some of the engineers involved in our strategic projects (see photo above).

The Horne Smelter Liaison Committee was created in October 2019 and consists mainly of citizens as well as of sectoral representatives and resource persons. The purpose of the committee is to ensure that the community’s concerns and expectations are factored into our continuing operations.

The committee’s mandate is to:

  • Monitor Horne Smelter operations and commitments, general authorization conditions, and development outlooks
  • Outline concerns and discuss solutions to any issues concerning Horne Smelter’s operations
  • Provide opinions on Horne Smelter’s community relations and environmental management initiatives to minimize negative impacts and maximize positive impacts for the community

For more information, visit the Horne Smelter Liaison Committee website (French only): https://comiteliaison-fh.ca