Closure Plan Subcommittee

Raglan Mine Closure Plan Subcommittee

Raglan Mine’s Closure Plan Integrates Traditional Knowledge to Address the Land Users’ Environmental Concerns.

Working Together

Through discussions with its Inuit partners from Salluit and Kangiqsujuaq, Raglan Mine came to realize that some of their main concerns were in regards to mine closure practices, including tailings management.

Raglan Mine decided to address these concerns by including its host communities in the reviewing process. This will give Raglan Mine the opportunity to improve the concept alongside its Inuit partners and work towards an integrated closure plan that is both environmentally and socially acceptable.

Although the mine is expected to remain operational for at least another 20 years, the Closure Plan Subcommittee was launched in March 2018 to establish and maintain a dialogue with the mine’s Inuit partners about mine closure and integrate the traditional knowledge of the communities of Salluit and Kangiqsujuaq into the closure plan for Raglan Mine.

The Closure Plan Subcommittee benefits from being multi-stakeholder, organized far in advance of closure, and made up of members who are willing and committed to achieving the goals that have been set. Through the work of the subcommittee, there are consistent opportunities to learn from one another, apply a wide variety of expertise (Inuit, industry, and academic), and maximize the strengths and capacities of Inuit communities. 


The members of the Closure Plan Subcommittee include Inuit partners from both Salluit and Kangiqsujuaq, representatives of Makivik Corporation and Raglan Mine, a technical expert and a researcher from TERRE-Net (Towards Environmentally Responsible Resource Extraction Network).