A robust safety program is implemented to manage the operation, maintenance and surveillance of the dams and water collection system. This program is independently reviewed and audited for compliance with international standards for the safe management of tailings storage facilities (TSF).  Independent experts in tailings management are retained to review the aspects of the TSF management.  

Read more about tailing storage facilities on our Group website.

More than nine kilometres of fence line is maintained around the property and signage is located around site at high contact locations. Security cameras and gates located at two main entrances are complemented by secondary fencing located in strategic areas.

Site personnel work directly with local ranchers who have free-range cattle licenses in the Peachland creek range. Together we can quickly remove cattle if they manage to get on property.

Site personnel receive comprehensive safety and operational training; this is combined with a robust safety program. We strive to maintain the highest level of performance in all areas of the Brenda Mine operation, including a high-level knowledge of site infrastructure and safety plans. Our team maintains a good working relationship with local stakeholders and water users and we are proud to continue to be a key member of the community into the future.