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We aim to be an active and valued participant in the communities that host us, and strive to make effective positive contributions. We strive to support local businesses where possible and we encourage employees to be active in community life.

Our goal is to support the type of projects that aim to have broad, positive long-term impact on the community by consulting with stakeholders to identify priority needs.

Corporate donations are made through Kidd Operations' Community Partnership Program. In addition to financial support, we also give back to the community through in-kind donations of equipment and expertise.

For more information on our Community Partnership Program, please email us at

In the community

​Since 2007, we have invested nearly $4 million in community organizations and projects.

We also support our employees who are involved in the community. Our Community Engagement Recognition Program provides up to $1,000 for organizations with whom eligible employees volunteer.

Community partnership program

Corporate donations are made through Kidd Operations' Community Partnership Program. 

Because we receive a large number of donation requests, it's important for applicants  to understand the purpose of this program.

Our goal is to support registered non-profit organizations and projects that:

  • meet needs and address issues that have been identified as priorities by the community
  • are self-sustaining or can become self-sustaining (meaning that they do not create further dependence on future funding )
  • contribute to the  long-term sustainability of Timmins

Funding decisions

There is a vast number of worthy organizations, groups, programs, and activities in our vibrant community.

So, how do we make our funding decisions?

We are guided by our Corporate Social Investment Plan that outlines priority needs identified by community stakeholders. Organizations with long-term projects that address these needs are welcome to apply for funding.

Please note that Kidd Operations' has moved away from making one-time charitable donations and supporting general fundraising events in favour of a social investment strategy that supports the development of local skills and knowledge and a sustainable community.

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Please refer to the Community Partnership Brochure for more details

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