We aim to preserve the long-term health, function and viability of the natural environments affected by our operations. This is one of key enablers to balance social, environmental and economic considerations in how we manage our business.

We are committed to minimizing environmental impacts throughout the life of our operations through continuous improvement. All of our sites are ISO 14001 certified.

Our Purpose and Values, Code of Conduct, environmental policies, and the Province of Ontario’s Toxics Reduction Act (TRA) set out this commitment, which we invite you to read, along with the related reports we publish for the community at large.

Sulphur dioxide concentrations in outdoor air is measured on a continuous basis at numerous air quality monitoring stations located throughout Greater Sudbury. Real time concentrations of sulphur dioxide can be viewed at the Sudbury S02 Air Quality Monitoring Network.

The Ministry of the Environment regularly inspects these stations and receives compilations of the monitoring information several times per year. 

Dispersion forecast

We invite you to read our Emission Control Procedures, as well as view the Dispersion Forecast graph we make available to our local community.

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