Circular economy

Metal recycling for a greener future

The expertise we have developed in metal recycling over nearly 40 years has made us a leader in the field in the Americas. Every year, 110,000 tonnes of recycled materials are processed in our operations, allowing us to reclaim the copper these materials contain, as well as several precious metals and other critical and strategic minerals like gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and selenium.

All these minerals are needed to develop a number of technologies, including green technologies that contribute to the fight against climate change. As the demand for these types of minerals continues to grow, metal recycling is expected to become an essential part of meeting this demand in a sustainable manner. By processing recycled materials, we contribute to the circular economy and, with the expertise developed over the decades, our goal is to be involved in maintaining and developing this sector in Quebec.

According to data from the International Copper Association, over the past decade, about 35% of the world demand for copper has been met by recycled copper.
Every year, Horne Smelter recovers an average of 34,000 tonnes of copper and 1.5 million ounces of precious metals from 110,000 tonnes of recycled materials.