Our approach

We take our responsibilities seriously.

At Glencore Canada, we employ around 9,000 people, including contractors, who make a meaningful contribution to society through their efforts. The majority of these employees work at our industrial assets where they have a direct hand in producing commodities that advance everyday life, including those needed to build the green technologies a low-carbon, sustainable economy demands.

Final responsibility for sustainability lies at the highest level by our Board health, safety, environment and community and human rights (HSEC) committee. To help integrate sustainability across our Group, including in Canada, we have established our Purpose and Values, and our Code of Conduct, which our people aspire to and follow.

Our Purpose and Values

Our Purpose and Values

Code of Conduct

Download and read our Code of Conduct

Regulatory engagement

The Canadian mining industry is governed by dozens of federal, provincial and territorial acts and regulations across a broad spectrum of subject matter.

As such, we develop constructive relationships with national, regional and local governments, and maintain regular dialogue with them. Often, we do this collectively with other organizations or as part of an industry association.

As an example, we are a member of the Mining Association of Canada (MAC), which serves as the national voice of the Canadian mining industry. MAC promotes the industry nationally and internationally, works with governments on policies affecting the sector and educates the public on the value mining brings to the economy and the daily life of Canadians.

While many aspects of mining activity require approval from several federal government departments, mining activity is primarily the responsibility of the provinces. Given our operating assets reside in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, we are members of both the Ontario Mining Association and the Quebec Mining Association. We invite you to visit their respective websites to understand how they work on behalf of their members.

We invite you to visit the following pages on our website to understand how how our approach to sustainability comes to to life in Canada through actions and results.

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