Aeris Horne smelter modernization project

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Annual average arsenic in ambient air for the year 2023
The annual average for arsenic in ambient air at the Horne legal station is 45 ng/m3 for the year 2023 (March 16, 2023 to March 15, 2024).
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What we do

At Horne Smelter, we produce 99.1% pure copper anodes. From their arrival at our Rouyn-Noranda smelter, whether by train or truck, to casting in our anode furnaces, the concentrates and recycled products go through various processing stages before the material can then be processed into cathodes at the CCR Refinery in Montréal-Est.
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Air quality

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Copper, an essential element to our daily lives

It is now well known that copper is an essential element of modern life. Copper is used for its many properties in a number of fields, such as infrastructure, technological devices, medical devices, manufacturing, and agri-food. Technological advances are making it an increasingly popular metal.

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Tree plantation

Quemont 1

The Horne smelter teams have been involved since March 2022 in setting up a pilot project, in collaboration with the City of Rouyn-Noranda and the expert in the management of fertilizer residual materials in Quebec, Viridis environment. This pilot project aims to revalorize the treatment sludge from the aerated ponds which treat wastewater from the City of Rouyn-Noranda in the restoration of a former tailings park adjacent to the smelter.

VELOX pilot project

VELOX is a pilot project to upgrade our converters for the purpose of testing a technology that is new to the copper industry. This technology has the potential to significantly reduce our air emissions and revolutionize the way we process copper while raising our smelter to a new level.

If we can show the technical and economic feasibility of deploying the VELOX technology on a large scale, we may be able to implement the PHENIX project which could help to reduce our arsenic and greenhouse gas emissions.

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