Protocole d’acquisition des immeubles visés par la zone tampon

Prenez connaissance des grandes lignes du protocole d’acquisition de Glencore pour les propriétaires et locataires de la zone tampon.
Protocole d’acquisition des immeubles visés par la zone tampon

'Info-travaux' Bulletin - Noranda Tailings Site 5

As part of its activities, the Horne Smelter uses tailings ponds as a deposition area. Noranda 5 is one of the active tailings sites located southwest of the city of Rouyn-Noranda. In order to extend its longevity by five years, work to upgrade and raise the dikes will continue until the end of the 2023 summer season.
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Ambient air quality data

Ambient air quality data from all Horne Smelter sampling stations is now available online.
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Horne Smelter Summer Tours

Come and discover the secrets of transforming a metal of the future by visiting the only copper smelter in Canada!
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Renewal of ministerial authorization

The Horne Smelter has taken note of the new requirements formulated by the Ministry of the Environment, the Fight against Climate Change, Wildlife and Parks (MELCCFP) as part of the renewal of its ministerial authorization.
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Yearly average in arsenic.

Depuis les dernières années, la Fonderie Horne publie les résultats trimestriels et annuels enregistrés à la station légale ALTSP1, soit la station légale située la plus près de l’usine, dans l’axe des vents dominants. Pour en savoir plus sur la moyenne annuelle pour l'année 2022 consultez notre article. 
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Action Plan for the reduction of atmospheric emissions

Efforts continue to reach the provincial standard for arsenic emissions. Learn more about the different projects that make up our Action Plan.
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Our innovations

Since the very beginning of the Horne Smelter, the spirit of innovation has always been present among our employees, making it possible for us to respond to the various challenges we've faced during our almost 100 years of existence.
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At the Horne Smelter, we’re committed to helping our community grow. That’s why every year we support various events, projects, and organizations through our donation and sponsorship programs.
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