Students and graduates

We offer a range of exciting, paid, entry-level work opportunities to students and recent graduates.

We believe strongly in supporting the next generation of engineers, geologists, traders, as well as experts in sustainability, logistics and finance. Our various programs for students and graduates at Glencore sites provides this support in a number of ways.

Canadian Copper Refinery (CCR)

At the CCR in the Province of Quebec, an average of 20 student interns are hired each year, and scholarships totaling $7,500 are awarded through the site’s participation with École de Technologie Supérieure. At CCR, areas of study for student interns revolve around chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, administration (accounting and HR), analytical chemistry and laboratory techniques, policing and fire safety.

Internships sometimes lead to full-time positions, as was the case in several instances over the last few years. These included filled positions of Foremen, Engineers, Intervention Agents and Laboratory Agents.

Sofia worked at CEZinc in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield, Quebec as a summer student for four summers taking on the role of Environmental Technician.


Regularly participating in career days, forging links with schools and sponsoring several school events, CEZinc is actively involved in the engagement and hiring of interns throughout the school year, and students in the summer. 

With a focus on numerous areas of study including engineering, chemistry, electronics, computer science, health and safety, and accounting, jobs at CEZinc enable students to gain rewarding professional experience while simultaneously gaining insight into future career possibilities.

Horne Smelter

Horne Smelter internships are available in chemical engineering, biotechnology and chemistry. Each summer, the Horne Smelter hires anywhere from 12-16 students to work in a variety of roles. 

Providing an excellent work-study opportunity for participants, these programs are highly rewarding, and sometimes lead to full-time positions of employment at the site.

Raglan Mine

The team at Raglan Mine brings a unique approach to its student and internship programs, with a dedication to hiring Inuit employees. The site’s award-winning Tamatumani program (as recognized in the 2019 TSM Awards for Community Engagement by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum) outlines several initiatives intended for all employees and contractors, in order to attract and retain the largest possible number of Inuit employees.

Raglan Mine’s commitment to education recognizes the value behind quality learning programs that serve to better communities and support students who demonstrate perseverance at school.
We invite you to watch more about these commitments in the videos below.

Stope School

School Perseverance

Sudbury INO

Sudbury INO has its very own scholarship program in which four scholarships are awarded to students on an annual basis, each receiving $5,000 (for university) and $3,000 (for college). The year after their scholarship is applied to their education, these students are given the opportunity to work at Sudbury INO for the summer term. Disciplines of focus include mining, milling and smelting. 

Aside from its yearly scholarship program, Sudbury INO also offers summer employment to local university and college students. Some are scholarship recipients, some are sons and daughters of Sudbury INO employees, and others are qualifying candidates involved in applicable areas of study.

We believe in the dedication and skill of the next generation of employees within the field of mining. 

If you are dedicated and driven, you have a can-do spirit, and you are willing to learn and take responsibility, we offer the chance to develop your career – and the rewards to match.
We value diversity, and respect people from all backgrounds.
If you’re bright, curious, confident and keen to grow with us, you’re who we’re looking for.