Citizens' Committee

Good neighbourly relations

In the early nineties, we felt a need for constructive ties with our local community, so we created a committee in February 1992 to provide opportunities to consult and discuss with our neighbours. We know it’s important to reassure people about our plant’s operations.

Our Citizens’ Committee was originally made up of residents from various areas of east-end Montreal along with representatives of Ville de Montréal-Est and the plant’s union.

Today, the Committee consists of a dozen volunteers, including neighbourhood residents, members of the CCR Refinery management committee, and a plant union representative. The Committee meets four times a year to discuss plant activities, prevention measures, and risk management, as well as the sustainable development policies being implemented in the plant.

The citizens who sit on the Committee are recruited through a call for candidates in the local paper.

Committee purpose and objectives

  • Obtain members’ reactions and comments on the company’s environmental challenges and plans.
  • Obtain member feedback on the risk assessment the company carries out as part of its regular strategic planning exercise.
  • Cultivate ties between the company and the public by inviting committee members to take part in the company’s Open House and other events.