Our culture

In Canada, as we do around the rest of the world, we aim to develop a diversified, dedicated and driven workforce at every level of our business. As with any successful venture, culture plays a paramount role in success.

While our industrial sites and offices across the country have their own distinct personalities and histories, they share a common cultural foundation: our Purpose and Values, which are at the heart of our culture and the way we do business, and our Code of Conduct, which sets out the standards we require people to meet and understand and informs our daily actions and decisions.

Our culture of safety

Given the nature of the work we do, safety is of utmost importance. We aim to create a workplace free from fatalities and serious injuries, while protecting and improving the wellbeing of our people and communities.

We promote a culture of safe operating discipline. We look out for one another and stop work if it's not safe.

Our global SafeWork program, which extends across our Canadian assets, gives the tools needed to stay safe at work. SafeWork, coupled with mining’s rich history in Canada, has many of our sites operating at industry-leading levels when it comes to safety – and they have the recognition to prove it.

Most recently, in May 2023, Nickel Rim South Mine (NRS), part of our Sudbury INO, was awarded the 2022 John T. Ryan National Trophy for Metal Mines for the best safety performance in Canada from the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM). While we invite you to read more about Sudbury INO’s accomplishment, we also invite to learn more about our commitment to safety in Canada across our sites and offices.

Sudbury INO recognized as safest mine in Canada

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Our commitment to safety in Canada

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Our culture of innovation

Innovation and imagination are going hand in hand as Sudbury INO pursues its Onaping Depth Project. When completed, the deep mine project will provide a significant new source of high-grade nickel ore beyond year 2035.

Going deeper into the earth to extract resources that can be used in lower-carbon techonologies poses various challenges. The Onaping Depth project reflects the imagination required to overcome those challenges.

Building the Mine of the Future: What if?

Innovation is also playing role in our copper business as we develop tools to better understand the global greenhouse gas (GHG) impact of copper across its lifecycle.

The Horne Smelter and CCR Refinery are working with the federal government and external providers to develop a traceability solution that tracks emissions from end to end of the supply chain to provide visibility and transparency of the carbon footprint in real time.

It is hoped that this three-year project can eventually be leveraged to develop a better understanding of the global GHG impact of copper across its lifecycle.

Understanding GHG impact of copper

Pursuing a more efficient, transparent and sustainable mineral supply.
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Innovation lies at the heart of Raglan Mine’s operations given the unique nature of the site, which is constructed in a remote, off-grid location in Nunavik, a vast territory located in the northernmost part of Quebec. Harsh Arctic weather compounds the challenges posed by being entirely cut off from infrastructure and utilities, but this has resulted in a team that is innovative by nature.

In response to environmental concerns voiced by the local communities nearby their operations, Raglan Mine has responded in a typical innovative fashion. We invite you to learn more about Raglan Mine’s partnership with Tugliq Energy as they explore the use of wind and solar energy at the site.

Our culture of community

We actively contribute to the quality of life of our host communities. We partner with several community organizations via a combination of partnerships, sponsorships, funding and voluntary employee contributions to make a difference in the areas of health, education, arts and culture, and the environment.

While some partnerships are directly aligned with our business, other partnerships underline our commitments to the local communities where we operate and reflect our values and culture, such as activities promoting health and wellness.

We are proud to be custodians of more than 100 years of inherited mining history in Canada and we invite you to learn more about our ongoing commitment to our communities in the country, including the Indigenous communities nearby our operations.

Our community commitment to Canada

Supporting the communities where we operate is part of how we do business.
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Given the breadth and depth of our operations in Canada and around the world, we aim to develop and attract a diversified, dedicated and driven workforce.

You can help us make a difference as we source and market the commodities that play such an essential role in everyday lives. Whether you’re in geology, human resources, engineering, maintenance, mining or management, consider joining us as we’re a company that stays true to its Purpose and Values.