Our history

The Brenda Mine site is located approximately 22 kilometres northwest of Peachland, BC.

The former copper and molybdenum open pit mine began operations in 1969 with the official opening in April 1970.  At the beginning of operations, the Brenda mine milled almost 20,000 tonnes per day day of low grade copper/molybdenum ore.

Over the life of Brenda Mine, operations peaked at 30,000 tonnes per day prior to shut down. Production ceased in June 1990 and a decommissioning plan was developed to guide long-term reclamation and monitoring efforts at the site.

The Brenda Mine site occupies a total area of approximately 1,300 hecatres (ha). The mine site encompasses all of the disturbed areas of the project, amounting for about 800 ha, including the open pit, the four rock piles, the sites of the two former low grade ore stockpiles, the mill and plant site, service roads and the tailings impoundment area, including the main dam, the tailings pond, the saddle dam and the upper and lower reclaim ponds.