Celebrating 100 Years of Mining History in Canada

posted: 31/01/2022

2022 marks our 100 years of mining history in Canada.

While Glencore was founded in 1974, through growth and acquisitions we have inherited a strong Canadian footprint. Our rich mining history in this country began when Noranda Mines was incorporated with the signing of its Letters Patent on May 16, 1922. Falconbridge’s incorporation took place six years later in 1928.

Noranda and Falconbridge are two storied mining institutions in Canada.

Noranda and Falconbridge were not mere businesses – they served as foundational institutions in this nation becoming synonymous with economic and community development. Undoubtedly, our history in this country is as deep as it is significant and meaningful. We’ve built communities. We’ve supported families. We’ve enabled development.

The Letters Patent for Noranda was signed on May 16, 1922 and marks the beginning of our mining history in Canada.

This legacy endures to this day. Employee DNA from our growth and acquisition in this country thrives inside today’s Glencore not only in Canada, but also across our global operations. Many of our employees live and breathe this history proud of the fact that they began their careers with predecessor companies and/or form part of a line of family history in the industry.

We are equally proud of this history.

Reflecting on our rich past serves as an affirmation of an equally promising future. We are committed to upholding our Purpose to responsibly source the commodities that advance everyday life.

Deeply rooted in Canadian history, we have a strong commitment to the country to fulfil our Purpose while continuing to build communities, support families, enable development and be industry leaders today and for generations to come.