Raglan Mine

Green and clean energy

Two wind turbines are part of Raglan Mine’s scenery.

Raglan Mine’s installations and facilities are not connected to any hydroelectric or natural gas grid. We must therefore produce our own electricity with diesel-fuelled generators. In 2014, we built our first wind turbine in order to reduce our dependence on fossil energies and to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). We built a second wind turbine in 2018.

Together, the two wind turbines produce about 10% of our total energy consumption - representing an annual saving of about 4.4 million liters of diesel fuel.

In terms of greenhouse gases, the two wind turbines reduce our emissions by approximately 12,000 tons, the equivalent of removing 2,700 vehicles from the road network.

Before going forward with our wind turbine plans, we consulted the Salluit and Kangiqsujuaq communities to discuss with them their concerns and points of view. We were asked questions about the potential adverse impacts on the environment and on wildlife. We responded to these concerns and modified our initial design of the wind farm accordingly.

We hope that our investments will inspire the development of future energy solutions for Raglan Mine’s neighbouring communities.