An Investment in Battery Electric Vehicle Technology and Indigenous Students

posted: 02/03/2023

On March 3, Glencore Canada and Sudbury INO were pleased to announce a $350,000 donation to Cambrian College in Greater Sudbury, which will go toward the creation and upkeep of a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Lab and annual bursaries for Indigenous students.

Our investment will be directed towards various critical aspects of Cambrian College’s BEV Lab, including construction, annual operating costs, and equipment procurement. Additionally, a portion of the investment will be allocated towards establishing an endowment fund, which will provide annual bursaries to Indigenous students who are enrolled in technology, engineering, and skilled trades programs.

“On behalf of Glencore Canada Corporation and Glencore’s Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations (Sudbury INO), we are pleased to celebrate a significant long-term partnership with Cambrian College. As we continue to build our next generation of Sudbury mines that are deeper and more complex than ever before, we know that investing in technology and innovation is key to realizing a mining future.”

Peter Xavier - Vice President, Sudbury INO

“We are certain the lab will help increase Sudbury’s capacity to test, evaluate and prove innovative Battery Electric Vehicle technology, provide a pipeline of talented trades people and secure our city’s reputation as a leader in the mining sector,” added Xavier.

Cambrian’s new BEV Lab is currently under construction. The 5,600 square-foot lab will feature state-of-the-art equipment for BEV prototyping and testing electric powertrains and batteries. The lab will provide critical data to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and end users on the performance characteristics of BEVs as the mining industry embarks on the widespread adoption of electric equipment. Construction will be completed in summer 2023.

Our commitment is a clear demonstration of our continued dedication to supporting Cambrian College and our belief in the significant potential of BEV technology. This recent commitment represents an extension of our prior $2 million donation in 2012, which was used to build the Glencore Centre for Innovation.

“We are incredibly excited to continue our leadership in the mining industry by supporting the transition to battery-powered mining through the establishment of Cambrian’s Battery Electric Vehicle Lab,” says Shawn Poland, Cambrian College’s Interim President. “With this generous donation, we are creating a unique research facility that will provide unparalleled opportunities and knowledge for our industry partners and students to advance the use of BEV technology worldwide. We look forward to driving innovation and sustainability as we build a brighter future for all.”

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