Caribou Ungava

posted: 05/02/2021

​The Ungava Peninsula in northern Québec-Labrador is home to two large herds of migratory caribou – an animal that is essential to the livelihood of many Inuit communities. We participate in an important research program – known as Caribou Ungava – which is examining the impacts of climate change on the migratory habits of these caribou, who roam freely throughout our property. We have financed this program since its beginning and supported researchers by offering them lodging at Deception Bay as well as transportation to the mine site. 

Caribou Ungava was launched in 2009 and seeks to identify the factors influencing the population dynamics of migratory caribou and their use of space. One key goal is to evaluate how browsing and climate change influence the availability of forage resources for caribou during the summer season. 

For more details regarding Caribou Ungava, please visit their website.

Caribou play a central role in the ecology of the North, where it is at the heart of the culture and the economy