Construction of the offices and changing area

Offices and changing rooms are currently under construction to accommodate workers on the Aeris project site.

Relocation of the sulphuric acid line and diversion of the Horne creek

Relocations were necessary to prepare the site for civil work.

Mobilising the construction management team

A team will be mobilised to detail the execution planning. This team will be responsible for the main construction work on the project.

Major civil work

Civil work is one of the first steps in the execution phase of the project, to prepare the site and raise the ground on which the new buildings will stand.

Building construction

  • Foundation work

  • Building the structures

  • Installation of equipment

  • Electrical and mechanical connections

Commissioning of the project

  • Pre-operational checks

  • Start-up of equipment

  • Gradual increase in output up to full production

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