Partnerships, donations and sponsorships

We aim to be an active and valued participant in the communities that host us and to generate sustainable and positive change for all our stakeholders. One way we fulfill this aim in Canada is through our Canadian Policy on Partnerships, Donations and Sponsorships.

The Canadian Policy on Partnerships, Donations and Sponsorships looks to support meaningful charitable or industry-specific initiatives in Canada that align with our preferred areas of focus, while raising awareness and profile of Glencore in Canada and enhancing our reputation.

Making a difference in the community

The Canadian Policy on Partnerships, Donations and Sponsorships covers matters that do not fall within the scope of local donations and sponsorships programs at our industrial sites, such as regional or national partnerships. Our industrial sites oversee their own programs, which target local stakeholders, such as the examples shown below from Canadian Copper Refinery (CCR) and Sudbury INO.

CCR Refinery has funded several innovative health projects in Montreal East, including purchasing bilirubinometers to facilitate home care.

Our Sudbury INO has been a proud supporter of United Way for more than 30 years.

Preferred areas of focus

Our social investment strategy flows from our business objectives, which drives the focus of our Canadian Policy on Partnerships, Donations and Sponsorships on the following areas:

  1. Indigenous support/enterprise: As one of the first signatories in Canada of an Impact and Benefit Agreement with an Aboriginal group, we support initiatives aimed at fostering the development and empowerment of Indigenous peoples, particularly in the fields of education, traditional knowledge and business creation
  2. Education/talent acquisition: We are keen to enhance the value of industrial professions and to support the next generation and their promising initiatives. To this end, we are developing partnerships with universities, colleges and vocational schools, to fund scholarships and innovative student projects linked to engineering, metallurgy, metal recycling, rehabilitation of closed sites, environment, and so on.
  3. Health & well-being/health & safety operations: Operating safe facilities, as well as the health and well-being of our employees and the communities in which we operate, is a fundamental value at Glencore. That's why we want to support organizations and initiatives that promote healthy lifestyles.
  4. Environment/operating privileges: We operate our production sites to the highest environmental standards. We aim to prioritize organizations, projects or initiatives related to environmental protection and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  5. Recycling & circularity: Our operations supply, transform and recycle the metals needed for the energy transition. We aim to prioritize organizations, projects or initiatives related to metals recycling and the responsible use of resources.

Seeking support for your project, event or organization?

We invite you to read the details of our Canadian Policy on Partnerships, Donations and Sponsorships and email an application form to, if your project, event or organization meets the eligibility criteria.

Read about some initiatives we are supporting