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Raglan Mine Gives New Icebreaker Arvik I an Enthusiastic Welcome

Author: Raglan | Date: 27/05/2021

In mid-May, Raglan Mine gave the new ship Arvik I a very warm welcome at the Port of Quebec. The vessel belongs to shipping company Fednav and will be used exclusively by Raglan Mine. It replaces the Arctic, which sailed for the last time on March 27, 2021. The Arctic had been in service for 43 years and completed more than 150 voyages for Raglan Mine from 1998 to 2021. It will be recycled in Turkey in accordance with European Union environmental regulations.

On May 24, 2021, the Arvik I, built by Japan Marine United Corporation (JMU), set off on her maiden voyage to Deception Bay. 

This vessel is a key component of our operations. Built for strength, reliability, and performance, it is well suited to supporting our activities and growth for many years to come.

The modern design also means a smaller carbon footprint. The Arvik I can take on a bigger volume of concentrate—an additional 2,500 metric tonnes per voyage—and will streamline loading and unloading operations at Deception Bay and Quebec City. 

In addition to transporting concentrate to southern Quebec and delivering essential equipment to the mine site, the vessel will continue to provide free equipment transportation service for the communities of Salluit and Kangiqsujuaq, space permitting.

The word arvik means “bowhead whale” in Inuktitut. These mammals are an important part of Nunavimmiut culinary tradition, centred on mutual support and sharing. The Arvik I will have a key role in our future activities and, in line with Inuit culture, we will work closely with all stakeholders for the benefit of everyone!

For the Arvik I, this is just the start of a great adventure.

About Fednav

Fednav is a private Canadian shipping company and the country’s largest maritime transporter of dry bulk goods. It operates a modern fleet of about 120 cargo ships worldwide, 60 of which it owns. Fednav has 300 office employees across the globe, including 195 at its head office in Montreal, and has sales offices in Antwerp, Charlotte, Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, and Tokyo. 
Visit the Fednav website to learn more:

Photo: SR photography