Message from the Project Leader

Exploration and mining operations have a long history in this area of northeastern British Columbia, dating back to 1969.  This project will produce premium steel-making coal for some of the world's fastest growing economies.

We are very excited to be advancing the Sukunka Project.

Matt White, Project leader for Sukunka

The premium steel-making coal that we are proposing to extract from our Sukunka project are the building blocks for many of life's essentials. Globally around 70% of steel produced relies on coal. Many of the goods and services we rely on in today's society are dependent on steel – such as healthcare, telecommunications and transport.

We are now in the process of pursuing the appropriate environmental and regulatory approvals required to make this project a reality. Together with the people and First Nations of the region and all levels of government, we are committed to working cooperatively and respectfully to ensure this project creates a positive legacy for the region.

Our approach to Sukunka, like all our operations worldwide, is to produce commodities in a way that cares for people and the environment, working in partnership with communities, governments and others to develop and maintain a sustainable project. Our statement of Values and our Code of Conduct represent our commitment to upholding good business practices, along with the underlying policies that support our ongoing integration of sustainability into our operational management procedures.

With an expected mine life of over 20 years, the Sukunka Project will create significant economic benefits, especially for the people and First Nations of northeastern British Columbia. The Sukunka project is expected to create 700 jobs during construction and 250 once operational.

We look forward to working with you and welcome the opportunity to discuss with you the benefits of this project.

Matt White
Coal Assets Canada, Glencore

A detailed project description and other documents related to this project have been filed with the British Columbia Environmental Assessment Office (BC EAO) and will continue to be made publicly available as the Sukunka Project proceeds through a rigorous environmental approval process.

Specific documents related to the Sukunka Project are also available online through the BC EAO's Project Information Centre.

Documents downloads

All documents can be found on the Sukunka Coal Mine Project page on the BC EAO's website.