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Samwillie Grey-Scott Receives the CIM-Bedford Canadian Young Mining Leaders Award!

Author: Mine Raglan | Date: 04/05/2021

On April 29, 2021, Samwillie Grey-Scott won the CIM-Bedford Canadian Young Mining Leaders Award.

The award, organized by the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), aims to highlight the outstanding achievements and potential of young Canadian mining leaders working across the world. 

Samwillie made his debut at Raglan Mine’s Stope School, in 2010. Since he joined the mining site, Samwillie has shown great leadership and has become an important player in our organization. 

After a short time in Operations, where his performance and leadership far exceeded expectations, his desire to help Inuit employees increase their contribution to the company’s success led him to return to the Stope School—this time as an instructor.

Samwillie’s desire to participate in the development and full potential of his Inuit colleagues included his idea for the Pigunnaqugut project. This project was designed to accelerate the career progression of Inuit employees in the mines so they could access higher-level positions in the organization.

Based on these achievements, Samwillie was promoted to Tamatumani Coordinator. In this role, Samwillie is now responsible for all recruitment, integration, training and retention activities for Inuit employees. He displays his leadership daily, both in-house with our managers and with his Inuit colleagues. Externally, our stakeholder representatives have unanimously recognized his exemplary leadership. In fact, he has considerable influence with them.

Once again, Raglan Mine warmly congratulates Samwillie, a rigorous and inspirational employee who has contributed greatly to the inclusion and development of Inuits working within the company.