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SafeNickel for Rémi

Author: Raglan | Date: 05/04/2019

Raglan Mine’s first priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of its employees. In order to help realize this goal, we launched SafeNickel to provide a common foundation to build our prevention culture of safety. 

For Myself

“As part of my job, I often have to travel underground with the Toyota truck to various work sites. In my opinion, the most important safety rule is: “See and be seen”. Whether I walk, drive or use heavy mining machinery, I am constantly vigilant in this respect. Also, risks of falling on uneven or frozen ground are very frequent in this environment. I am always clearly aware that we are exposed to changing weather conditions; the sky can be clear one day and the opposite on the following.” 

For My Colleagues

“Safety is something we have been talking about for some years, and I realize that we went from the time where everyone was concerned about his or her very own tasks and safety to a time where everyone is concerned about other people’s safety as well. The notion of interdependence takes on its full meaning when an underground worker comes to you and warns you about a specific location, due to the presence of a potentially dangerous situation nearby. Wherever we are, we hear the same message from our supervisors and senior management: “If it’s not right, stop what you’re doing, remedy the situation and resume work”. A message this clear from management is easy to follow. There’s no ambiguity. In “SafeNickel”, there is the word “nickel”, referring to what we produce here, and there is also and above all the word “safety”. These two elements are not distinct from one another, they are indivisible. There is more to it than an advice given in a short Sunday department meeting. Safety is something you must always keep in mind during the entire work week.”

For My Family

“I enjoy hunting and fishing, two activities that I carry on with several members of my family. Together we have spontaneously developed what we call the 360-degree safety check. This operation consists in walking around the truck, the camper and boat trailer to make sure everything is fine and properly secured. Before initiating any tasks on our hunting ground in the forest, I conduct short risk analyses and share the results with my hunting partners.Like everyone else at the mine site, I look forward to continuing to enjoy life during my time off in the best physical shape possible, and to working on future projects.”


Thanks Rémi!