Last Minute Updates on the Strike

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Last Minute Updates on the Strike

Author: Raglan | Date: 27/05/2022

Renegotiation of the collective agreement: Labour dispute at Raglan Mine

Raglan Mine acknowledges the decision of United Steelworkers (USW) Local 9449, representing production and maintenance employees to exercise their right to strike, despite all efforts to date to reach a negotiated agreement.

As a result, Raglan Mine has no choice but to suspend all production activities at the mine site, with a view to keeping the safety of all employees our top priority. This implies a demobilization of the site and a return of employees to their hometowns. A reduced number of workers will remain at the site to maintain essential operations and ensure site integrity.

"We believe the Global Offer presented to the union was fair and mutually beneficial for all parties. The union's actions are particularly disappointing considering the recent arrival of an independent mediator and the openness the company demonstrated to improve the initial offer," said Pierre Barrette, Raglan Mine's vice-president.

Three weeks ago, Raglan Mine tabled a Global Offer that placed its employees among the best paid in the mining industry. 

The company is ready to return to the negotiating table to continue negotiations as soon as possible in order to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Questions and Answers for Our Employees and Contractors

For any questions regarding remuneration, social benefits, or planned holidays, please contact Human Resources (

For All Employees

I was off-site during the demobilization process. How do I retrieve my personal belongings and tools?

If you wish to retrieve personal equipment from the mine site, we invite you to contact Human Resources ( to obtain a Material Release Form. Once the form is completed and sent to Human Resources, the equipment will be flown to the designated airport for pick-up. You will be notified when the equipment will be available for pickup. 

How will I be informed of my return to work date?
  • Employees represented by the United Steelworkers, members of Raglan Mine Operations and Maintenance Employees’ Bargaining Unit (local 9449) :
    • We invite you to contact your union representative.
  • All other Raglan Mine employees :
    • You will be informed of the evolution of the situation by email or through your supervisor. 
  • Contractors :
    • You must contact your employer to obtain more information.
Do we know how long the labour dispute is likely to last?

The duration is undetermined, as is often the case in this type of situation. Raglan Mine's priority remains to reach a negotiated agreement that is mutually beneficial. 

Will the production objectives be reviewed upon return to work? If not, it may be difficult to reach them and it will have an impact on my bonus.

Raglan Mine's management will inform you on this subject when you return to work.

For workers who are members of the bargaining unit in labour dispute

Can the strike fund be applied in the current situation?

In this regard, please refer to your union representative.

Can I work for another company during the strike?

Raglan Mine does not have an exclusivity clause in its contracts.