Author: Mine Raglan | Date: 05/02/2021

Several years ago, the community of Salluit raised concerns about the health of the arctic char populations in Lakes Pangaligiak and Tasialurjuaq and in Deception Bay.

Despite Raglan Mine's ongoing environmental monitoring efforts in both Deception River and Deception Lake, out of concern for transparency and openness with these communities we asked the Makivik Corporation's Nunavik Research Centre—a team of ten made up mainly of wildlife technicians, biologists and toxicologists—to carry out a long-term study on the health of the fish. 

Researchers have worked with Salluit guides and taken the samples they required for further study. These samples have led to scientific advances, but were also remitted to local fishers to be consumed by the Nunavimmiut. 

To date, findings indicate that fish in Lakes Pangaligiak and Tasialurjuaq, Deception River, and Deception Bay are healthy and safe for human consumption. All environmental monitoring activity carried out by Raglan Mine over the past 20 years offers the same conclusions. Even though the main Iqaluk project was completed in 2018, the Nunavik Research Centre continues to provide support and follow-up on the health of the fish, particularly during annual traditional fishing activities carried out near the mine by land users.


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