Raglan Mine wins the F. J. O'Connell trophy for the second year in a row

Author: Raglan | Date: 09/06/2022

Raglan Mine wins the Quebec Mining Association's F. J. O'Connell Trophy for the second year in a row for its excellent performance in prevention.

On June 9, Raglan Mine was awarded the F. J. O'Connell 2021 trophy by the Quebec Mining Association in the "Underground Operations - 400,000 hours and more" category. This is the second consecutive year and the 15th time in 25 years of operations that we have received this recognition.

Every employee knows the importance placed on health and safety in the company and can attest to the efforts that are made on a daily basis. This performance demonstrates a genuine concern for those around us, our colleagues. I am proud of the spirit of respect and collaboration that has grown over time in this shared workplace.

Pierre Barrette, Vice President

In order to raise awareness among mining companies about the importance of teamwork in preventing accidents, the Quebec Mining Association has awarded the F.J. O'Connell Trophy every year since 1966. The criteria for this award include the improvement in a company's performance, performance compared to the industry average, and the combined accident frequency in relation to the target values established. The ultimate goal is to value the achievement of a high level of performance across the mining industry at large.

The company would like to sincerely thank all of its employees for their constant commitment to prevention and their dedication to making Raglan the safest mine in the country.