Our Story is also Benoit and Stéphanie's

posted: 04/04/2022

As part of our 25 years of activities, we are going on an adventure and following some of the members of our Raglan family during their time "off." These visits are an opportunity to discover a new side of our colleagues and to introduce you to these people without whom our story would be impossible to tell.

Together since 2008, Stéphanie and Benoit met at UQAM, during their bachelor's degrees in geology. They were already used to studying and working together when Benoit followed Stephanie to Raglan Mine. Once again, they were working side by side in the geology department. During their first years of employment, they took advantage of the rotation schedule to travel around the world (Scotland, Hawaii, Italy, Colombia, and more!). On a beautiful February day, we went to meet them in Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson, where they enjoy spending time outdoors with their baby, Élisabeth, and their dog, Léon.  

What led you to study geology?

Stéphanie: The idea of the unknown, of going on an adventure and working outside.

Benoit: It offered me the chance to travel the world.

What is your favourite meal at the mine site?

Stéphanie: Spaghetti and grilled cheese

Benoit: Tomato pie

My biggest dream is to see more women in the industry and more representation in key positions.

Stéphanie - Geologist, long term planning

What is your ideal day off?

Stéphanie: Enjoying a good book in the sun.

Benoit: A day of downhill skiing during a snowstorm. I also love coming to the property with our dog, Leon, to snowshoe.

What is your best memory from Raglan Mine?

Stéphanie: All the dinners spent at the mine site as a team, laughing and chatting.

Benoit: During a trip between Katinniq and Kakialik, I counted 17 snowy owls! 

What makes Raglan so special is not about the material things, but rather the team. You end up with a second family and with new friends.

Benoit - Geologist, projects