Brunswick Smelter

Ecological Risk Assessment

Virtual Information Session
(Marine and Terrestrial/Freshwater)

Terrestrial ERA

Terrestrial/Freshwater Testing Included : 

  • Soil chemistry and physical characteristics
  • Freshwater sediment and surface water chemistry analysis 3. Soil invertebrate tissue sampling
  • Vegetation community assessment
  • Breeding bird and fledgling survey
  • Small mammal survey (including tissue analysis)
  • Rare vascular plant survey
  • Fish and electro-fishing survey 

Conclusions of Terrestrial/Freshwater Study : 

  • Low risk to vegetation excluding near-field areas immediately south/southwest of Smelter 
  • Low risk to soil invertebrates, birds, and mammals. 
  • Low risk to freshwater aquatic life in nearby streams (invertebrates, fish). Potential for moderate risk to benthic invertebrates in unnamed stream near new slag pile.
Conceptual Model for Terrestrial and Freshwater Aquatic Receptors in the ERA
Soil Sampling Locations for the Shore Road Soil Study and Terrestrial