Brunswick Smelter

Decommissioning Overview

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The Brunswick Smelter is a primary lead/silver smelter located at 692 Main Street in Belledune, NB and is owned by Glencore. The facility was originally commissioned in 1966 by East Coast Smelting. The Brunswick Smelter was originally designed as a lead-zinc smelter to produce metallic lead and zinc from concentrates produced locally at the Brunswick Mine Site located 35 kilometers south of Bathurst. The facility also formerly included a fertilizer plant (which closed in 1995). The fertilizer plant initially produced a monoamonium phosphate product and later di-ammonium phosphate product, using by- products from the smelting process. 

In March 2013, the Brunswick Mine Site officially ceased operation, resulting in the elimination of the main feedstock for the Brunswick Smelter. The Facility remained operational until December 2019 by importing a variety of feedstocks, continuing to operate as a primary lead smelter with a reported production capacity of 120,000 tonnes per year. 

The Brunswick Smelter facility includes the Smelter Area, Material Handling West Area (MHW), and the Fertilizer Plant located north of Highway 134 in Belledune, NB (collectively referred to as the “Site” or “Facility”). 

The decommissioning project will include various components such as the removal and disposal of hazardous waste, decommissioning of the various equipment and facilities, demolition, soils and water remediation, continued monitoring and maintenance of the site. 

The main objective of the decommissioning project is to fully decommission and demolish the existing infrastructure and to restore the land to an open space condition with the majority of the Site held by Glencore as a vacant but fenced or partially fenced property with the potential for future industrial use.

Brunswick Smelter and the Decommissioning Team are committed to decommissioning the site in a responsible manner, meeting all regulatory requirements and remaining respectful of the surrounding communities and environment.  

Overall Site Plan

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