What We Do


​Our coal assets in Canada include approximately 125,000 hectares under license in the Peace River coal basin of northern British Columbia.

Our assets include the Sukunka coking coal project for which exploration and evaluation studies are continuing. The environmental approval process for Sukunka has been started and this project is one of the first in B.C. to be granted substitution by the Federal government under a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding the Provincial Government has negotiated with the Federal Government. As a result, the project will go through the Provincial Environmental review only. Both Federal and Provincial Ministers will then make a decision based on this single review.


Coking (metallurgical) coal is an important ingredient in the production of the steel used to build cities, railways and other vital infrastructure (including wind turbines). Our coal will be used worldwide for many day-to-day goods and services sometimes taken for granted in our modern society – such as steel production.