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Exploration Takes Focus at Matagami

Author: Glencore Canada | Date: 18/05/2022

Partnership, investment and the deployment of pioneering technology renew vigour in exploration activities at the Matagami mining camp, which is located in the remote Nord-du-Québec region.

While Matagami Mine, in operation since 1963, will cease operations in June, a recent partnership formed with Nuvau Minerals will see some $8 million invested this year to relaunch mining exploration at the camp.

This partnership is the culmination of several years of research to find a solid partner able to continue the exploration at the camp. Nuvau Minerals plans to drill some 30 holes totalling some 25,000 metres in 2022. The results of the first year of drilling will dictate subsequent investments, which could reach $30 million over three years.

Glencore is pleased to have found a reliable partner to pursue an exploration program at the Matagami mining camp. Although the closure of Matagami Mine marks the end of an era, we hope that the exploration activities of Nuvau Minerals will prove fruitful and that they will eventually lead to the construction of a new mine in the region.

Normand Dupras, Head of Global Zinc Exploration at Glencore

Matagami will complement the partnership and investment in mineral exploration with the implementation of cosmic-ray muon tomography by Ideon. Ideon, a world pioneer in cosmic-ray muon tomography, has developed a platform that provides x-ray-like visibility up to one kilometre beneath the Earth’s surface. Ideon’s technology reduces the need for expensive drilling activity while lowering environmental impact and saving time.

More about muons

Muons – one of the fundamental subatomic particles and one of the most basic building blocks of the universe – provide scientists with important insights into the structure of matter.

Muons provide information about processes in modern materials, about the properties of elementary particles and the nature of our physical world.

We are eager to see the results of this new technology and evaluate how it can improve our performance in defining new base metals mineralization and how it can support our efforts toward zero-carbon emissions in our exploration activities.

Normand Dupras, Head of Global Zinc Exploration at Glencore