Viterra Earns Blue Circle Award

Author: Glencore Canada | Date: 26/06/2018

In June of 2018, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority gave the Blue Circle Award to 19 marine carriers and terminal operators at the ninth annual Blue Circle Awards event, including Viterra. Those who received the award made notable voluntary efforts to conserve energy and reduce air emissions specifically in the Port of Vancouver.

Among the 19 winners were 12 shipping lines, two cruise lines, three coastal marine operators and two terminal operators – all of whom excelled in their efforts towards environmental protection in order to attain the highest levels of participation in the port’s EcoAction Program. For the first time in its history, this year the port authority recognized two winners who achieved specific energy conservation targets under the Energy Action Initiative: Viterra Pacific Elevators and Cascadia Port Management Corporation – both Viterra-owned components at the port.

The new Energy Action Initiative is a partner program with BC Hyrdo designed to help terminal operators and port tenants save on costs and improve their conservation practices. The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority stewards the federal port lands in and around Vancouver and is responsible for the efficient and reliable movement of goods and passengers, all the while maintaining environmental, social and economic stability throughout all port operations. 

The Blue Circle Award serves as a strong validation of Viterra’s environmental policy in which the organization is committed to minimizing its environmental impact through reduced waste and emissions, and the promotion of resource conservation and environmental stewardship. Glencore Agriculture supports Viterra’s ongoing environmental efforts, which reflect Glencore’s strong vision of environmental accountability in which its policy states that we seek to minimize our impact on the environment, wherever we operate. This is achieved through our many assets that work to mitigate, manage and eliminate environmental risk using carefully constructed plans and management systems.

Congratulations to Viterra for the impact they’ve made on what is, without a doubt, an important ongoing initiative in Vancouver.