Breaking New Ground

Author: Glencore Canada | Date: 12/10/2017

Image above: In early May, (from left to right) Steve Black, Mayor of Timmins, Andrea Cohen-Barrack, President and CEO, Ontario Trillium Foundation, Honourable Michael Gravelle, Minister of Northern Development and Mines and Tom Semadeni, General Manager, Kidd Operations, pose for the camera at Timmins Museum following the announcement of a new $1 million legacy fund being set up by Kidd Operations and the Trillium Foundation. The fund is meant to support non-profit organizations in Timmins after the Kidd mine closes in 2021.

Glencore’s Kidd Operations in Timmins, Ontario are no strangers to breaking new ground. The Kidd Mine is the world’s deepest base-metal mine operating at nearly three kilometres below the earth’s surface. By making use of leading-edge technology such as automated underground loaders and ventilation-on-demand to meet the challenges of deep mining, Kidd Operations are maximizing their ore body to extend the life of mine to 2021.

That innovative approach to production carries through to Kidd’s safety, environmental sustainability and social programs. Kidd Operations are driven by the desire to see their community thrive. They recognize that local non-profit organizations contribute to the vibrancy of the community and they engage with these stakeholders in unique ways that contribute to their long-term sustainability. From recognizing their employees’ volunteerism to investing in large-scale projects such as an expansion of the City’s only non-profit seniors’ assisted living facility, Kidd’s community reach is broad and meaningful.

For its investing in projects with sustainable impact, spearheading unique capacity building initiatives and implementing real-world measures to ensure social return on investments, Kidd has built a reputation as a corporate leader in community development in Timmins.

In fact, Kidd’s leadership in social engagement has captured the attention of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF), an agency of the Government of Ontario and the largest grant making foundation in Canada.


Kidd Operations and the Ontario Trillium Foundation recently announced the creation of a $1 million Kidd Operations – Ontario Trillium Foundation Legacy Fund.

Kidd Operations and Ontario Trillium Foundation will each invest $500,000 in this new legacy fund that will infuse an additional $1 million into the community to be made available to local nonprofit organizations after Kidd winds up operations in or about 2021. This innovative partnership with private and public sectors fulfills the organizations’ shared vision for a sustainable non-profit sector that is essential in building a healthy and vibrant community. The Partnership with Glencore Kidd Operations marks the first time that the OTF has partnered with a corporation – breaking the ground for future partnerships between the Ontario Trillium Foundation and industry in benefit to other communities across Ontario.

“The Ontario Trillium Foundation has a long history of supporting great projects to build the Cochrane District,” said Andrea Cohen Barrack, CEO of the Ontario Trillium Foundation. “OTF is committed to strengthen the impact of our investments and we’re excited about this innovative collaboration with Kidd Operations. OTF and Kidd Operations share key goals to create meaningful and lasting impacts in the (Timmins) community. Together, we can do more for this great region.”

Although Kidd has done a lot of work to extend the life-of-mine and they continue to challenge themselves to go on even longer, they have also started thinking about closure anticipated in or about 2021. Kidd has detailed plans in place to address the environmental aspects of closure like tailings management, but they also realize that there will be social impacts on the community. Kidd has been working diligently to strategically invest in community projects and to assist local organizations in building capacity – something Kidd is committed to doing right up until closure.

“In 2016, Kidd Operations will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary,” says Tom Semadeni, General Manager, Kidd Operations. “The establishment of a Legacy Fund celebrates a venerable 50-year history of social and economic contributions to the City of Timmins, and looks to the future to help the local non-profit sector transition to increased self-reliance when Kidd exits the community. Kidd Operations is proud to have been chosen as the Ontario Trillium Foundation’s first corporate donor in this new and innovative collaborative model.”

News of the establishment of this new $1 million Legacy Fund was applauded by representatives of the local nonprofit sector as well as the Ontario Minister of Northern Development and Mines. 

Kidd Operations Legacy Project - preparing for a responsible exit

Anti-Hunger Coalition Timmins’ Chair, Renata Buhler said: “It is hard to underestimate the impact of the charitable contributions made by Timmins’ largest employer over the past 50 years. The departure of Kidd Operations will be made easier by the creation of the Legacy Fund, which gives charities the time and focus needed to create viable alternatives for sustainability planning.  The creation of a Legacy Fund for Timmins bridges the gap between the inclination to lean on corporate donations for annual needs, and the sustainability of a diverse funding base that draws from greater creativity and collaboration for longer term success. For non-profits like Anti-Hunger Coalition Timmins, a process that began with discussions and discovery at the Sustainability Conference convened by Kidd and Trillium in 2013, will now continue with planning and foresight about how to make best use of the investment Kidd and Trillium are making available to the community post-closure.”

"The non-profit sector makes a huge difference in our communities all across the province,” said Hon. Michael Gravelle, Ontario Minister of Northern Development and Mines. “Particularly in the Timmins area, the non-profit sector has a steady track record of impacting and enriching the lives of many in the region. I am happy that more investments to the non-profit sector will be made through the Kidd Operations and the Ontario Trillium Foundation Legacy Fund."